Episode 90 – Star Trek Monthly Monday #14

MadminW December 14, 2009

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The Star Trek is piling up! This month, The Freaks relive the first appearance of Harry Mudd in the Classic Original Series lady-laden episode — “Mudd’s Women”! Then they head under the sea to learn if Orca Stayfree LIKES PIKE! DC Comics’ Star Trek #8 provides an origin story for the half-Romulan Lt. Saavik in a story that leads up to the events of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. And finally The Freaks welcome aboard Adriana Ferguson of the SUPER FUTURE FRIENDS PODCAST for the debut of their new Star Trek : The Next Generation episode review feature! This month, it’s “The Naked Now” in which Geordi infects the crew with a bug that makes everyone wig out! Wesley gets obnoxious, Picard gets annoyed, and Tasha Yar and Data get busy!!

NOTE — The Two True Freaks! now have a phone line where you can call and leave a completely inappropriate message – We just might use it on the show! It’s 585-COP-LURE!! ( 1-585-267-5873 )

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