Episode 96- Shoot the Sh*t vol. 06- Magnus & Chris Honeywell Talk

Trentus Magnus May 19, 2015

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In this week’s ball-startling episode, Magnus and his fellow Big Book Reporter Chris Honeywell prepare for Halloween 2014 as they literally warm up from the cold and figuratively warm up for the Big Book of Death.

It’s a podcast about nothing as the Big Book Reporters discuss politics, religion, Fight Club and the Great Pumpkin. In other words, pretty much every subject you’re supposed to steer clear of in polite company.

Not that Honeywell is polite company but you understand.

From Lords of Flies to sociological studies of political movements, no stone is left unturned by these two under-achieving geniuses who have singlehandedly managed to figure out solutions to all the world’s problems with all the free time they have from not actually putting those solutions into practice.

If you only respond to click-bait… actually, you may want to just skip this episode since the parts that don’t go over your head are virtually guaranteed to sear your sense of moral outrage. Even so, “You just won’t believe what Magnus compared Occupy Oakland to!”

Still not enough? Well, this week there’s finally to reach down, stretch the ol’ mail sack open nice and wide and review praise and adoration is contributed by you lowly miscreants.

Even so, you miserable beggars who haven’t paid due homage to your leader shouldn’t feel left out. Commoners and simpletons such as you are always welcome to pay your pathetic attempt at tribute to Magnus. DiManzocorp interns are ready, willing, able and eager to accept bribes to present your meager missives to your wise leader. The email address to use is excellency@trentusmagnus.com, whereupon your leader might consider thinking about the possibility of potentially discussing whatever you have in mind some day. And that’s a promise!

In an act of absolutely unprecedented charity, your leader permits the lowly rabble such as you to kiss his ring regarding this or any other episode. Thus, notes of homage may be sent to excellency@trentusmagnus.com for DiManzocorp interns to review.

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