Episode 97- Batman & Robin Begin- Shadowbox & The General

Trentus Magnus May 26, 2015 1

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In this week’s ball-slapping episode, Magnus continues enjoying what little remains of the downtime before the 100th episode and the onslaught of megaseries that 2015 and 2016 portend.

This week’s comics focus on Batman #467-#469, a three part story entitled Shadowbox, wherein Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle pretty much nail down what will be the status quo between Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake for the first several years of their partnership.

Batman & Robin begin, one might say.

Also relevant to that is The General from Detective Comics #654-#656. Tim Drake is noticeably absent from that story, which says much about the status quo that Dixon was laboring to create.

Plus, how can you not love the art by Tom Lyle and Michael Netzer, right? Right? Am I right?

So all around this is some amazingly awesome Batman goodness which, strangely enough, nobody ever recognizes as being as formative to this era of Batman and Robin as they are. So luckily Magnus is here to kick some awesome science on all your lame selves.

Unfortunately, this much Awesome comes at the expense of listener feedback this week.

Even so, you miserable beggars shouldn’t feel left out. Commoners and simpletons such as you are always welcome to pay your pathetic attempt at tribute to Magnus. DiManzocorp interns are ready, willing, able and eager to accept bribes to present your meager missives to your wise leader. The email address to use is excellency@trentusmagnus.com, whereupon your leader might consider thinking about the possibility of potentially discussing whatever you have in mind some day. And that’s a promise!

In an act of absolutely unprecedented charity, your leader permits the lowly rabble such as you to kiss his ring regarding this or any other episode. Thus, notes of homage may be sent to excellency@trentusmagnus.com for DiManzocorp interns to review.

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