Episode Eight: Supergirl SE01 EP03 and EP04

Chris Tyler October 12, 2016

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The Supergirl coverage continues this week as Chris and Scott recap episodes three and four of the first season. Recorded soon after the second season premiere, they talk about their non-spoilery feelings about having Superman back on TV. In these episodes Supergirl takes a break from battling baddies tied to Aunt Astra and we get some deep DC cuts with Reactron and Shock Jock gone bad Livewire (get it, shock jock, electricity powers….never mind). Also we get to see some family dynamics as the two Doctor Danvers show up in flashbacks and in present time as original movie Supergirl Helen Slater join Kara and Alex (and poor Winn) for Friendsgiving Dinner. Some great Cat and Kara scenes and a Superman cameo (sort of) round out the week. Remember kids, if you’re about to fight the DC version of Electro, always pack a super soaker.

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