Episode Five: Agents of SHIELD SE01 EP05 and The Flash SE01 EP03

Chris Tyler September 20, 2016

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Hey bingewatchers, this week we have some important world building on both of our episodes. Over on the Marvel side we finally get to meet the “Girl in the Flower Dress” and her sidekick Scorch as Scott 2.0 recaps the fifth episode of season one. Then Hair Metal Hero, our resident expert on Boston Baked Beans and their explosive properties, takes us through the episode three of The Flash for a very gaseous affair as team Flash fights The Mist. So join us as the Agents of SHIELD delve deeper into the secrets of project Centipede and the Flash family gives us some great soapy CW cheese and character flashbacks (COUGH RONNIE RAYMOND COUGH). It’s dangerous Dutch ovens for all on this week’s Weekly Heroics!

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