Fear the Walking Dead Season Three Episode Three

Scott McGregor November 11, 2017

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All out war continues on season eight of The Walking Dead and Beth, Mike and Scott are locked and loaded and ready to cover episode three. Sorry, but we left Brian to lean against a tree and bleed out this week (he had to work). Ezekiel is still being Mr. Optimistic this week and yelling as loud and British as he can that none of his crew will die. Im sure that wont come back to haunt him. Rick and Morales have a short conversation and then him and Daryl play some Walking Dead video game levels. Jesus and Morgan have a spat, Aaron loses someone close and Gregory snivels. Also, stay tuned for our survivor’s thoughts on the fun new game: Hill Zombie Roll. Remember kids, in war time, cover and silence are your friends; a healthy respect for the ears of fate doesnt hurt either on your Fear the Walking Deadcast

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