Five Minute Fear the Walking Dead Season Two Recap of Episode 6

Scott McGregor May 18, 2016

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The usual sailors: Scott, Brian, Beth and Sara find themselves land locked this week as they continue their recaps of season 2 with a review of an exciting and somehow familiar episode. Several of our cast member’s shit seems to be getting lost in this episode as we finally arrive at the compound Victor Strand has been trying to get to since the beginning. Thomas awaits, but so does the mysterious Celia. Chris may be losing his grip and Nick has had enough death. Daniel is looking rough and Travis is still kind of an idiot, but the women of the group are kicking ass and taking names; Much like the fierce ladies we have on this very podcast.(Yes, I know flattery will get me nowhere) Daughters are doing it for themselves because the men around them are all acting like psychos. We discuss walker metaphysics with Celia and Daniel goes snooping and finds Herschel’s Farm. The Minnow must be docked and locked because it’s all inland fun this week on a Five Minute Fear the Walking Dead.

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