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Hey Kids, Comics! Vol 2 36 Cosmic Spider-Man

Michael Leyland September 5, 2013

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Did Batman REALLY kill The Joker at the end of The Killjng Joke? Is Brian Singer’s return to the X-Men franchise really a good thing? Do Andrew and Micheal evan care about Ben Affleck? 2 of these questions will be answered before Andrew delves deep into his comic book collection to produce a Spider-Man crossover so epic, so lauded, so jam packed with important STATUS QUO changing events, it will be hailed as a classic from here on in – THE AMAZING, SPECTACUALR, COSMIC SPIDER-MAN. Yes, Spider-Man gets involed in the ACTS OF VENGEANCE, a story so unimportant he never even finds out what’s going on! But who cares about all that? DOOM is in the house. So I think it would be in all your interests to listen. If nothing else, there are some good promos.

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