HOAT: A Lady’s Review of Thor 2

Hope Mullinax December 23, 2013 7

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In this episode of Hope of All Trades, we tackle Thor 2. Angel from my Iron Man 3 episode makes a return. We talk about Thor 2, the Agents of Shield crossover episode, the upcoming movie Captain America: the Winter Soldier, and much more! You can follow along with our points below. Thanks for listening!

What did we think of it by itself and compared to Thor

This is a beautiful movie

Hemsworth as Thor this time around

Norse afterlife vs Christian afterlife

Loki stole the show

Thor and Loki’s relationship

Loki and Frigga’s relationship

Warriors Three and Lady Sif

Thor and Jane vs. Thor and Sif

Does Jane even have a story for future Thor films?

Hogun was shanked in this movie!

Josh Dallas Fandral vs. Zach Levi Fandral

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith

What was Malekith’s motive in the beginning?

It really bothers us when movies and television don’t include everything left on the cutting room floor in DVDs

Malekith compared to other villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Character wise, Loki is a better portrayed villain than Malekith

The big fight scene at the end was fun!

Frigga could have killed Malekith on her own

Frigga’s death

When are the Avengers going to find out that Coulson’s alive?

The after credit scenes aren’t teasers for future movies like in phase one. The mid-credit scenes are, but we miss that with the after credit ones too.

Guardians of the Galaxy sneak peak: Is the Aether an Infinity Stone in a way?

Selvig being a bit crazy was hilarious. We wonder if Clint Barton will have the same problem too

The best cameo in Marvel movie history, and it’s not Stan Lee (though his was great too!)


The Odin plot hole

Agents of SHIELD crossover episode “The Well”

We would love to see a main Avenger cameo on Agents of SHIELD

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The future of Thor in the franchise

The ending song is “Flawed Design” by Stabilo which is my go to Loki song

You can find Angel on tumblr and twitter

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