HOAT: Big Bang Theory!

Hope Mullinax January 18, 2014

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In this episode of Hope of All Trades, I tackle Big Bang Theory with special guests Nicole and Roxanne from Big Bang Buzz Podcast! We breakdown of all the main characters and some of our favorites guests. We also discuss a wide variety of other topics like how to go to a Big Bang taping, deer, what we would like to see in coming seasons, the romance of John Barrowman and Wil Wheaton, and much more!

We also ask the hard hitting questions:

-While comparing sports fans and comic book fans, we ask whether or not they’re different. Don’t both love their respective fields with equally as much passion?

-Why do people compare some hobbies to others making them “better” than other things?

-Isn’t Penny a geek? She’s just as passionate about theatre and acting as the guys are about comics and Star Trek. Shouldn’t she be considered a theatre geek? She’s excited about shoes. Wouldn’t that make her a fashion geek?

-Why in our society are there tiers of geekiness where some fans consider themselves better fans?

I usually don’t include time codes in my show notes. Since I took a lot of comments, feedback, and questions from facebook, tumblr, twitter, and our lovely Two True Freaks facebook page, I wanted to include them this time. Thank you all for your submissions!

1:17:08 We start our conversations about the controversies in Big Bang Theory

1:18:55 We look at two articles from ugo.com about why you should love Big Bang Theory and why you should hate it. We chat about the pros being the moms, the girls, and Sheldon. The cons were the “laugh track,” the show is sexist by losing Leslie, the show relies on the geek jokes too much, other nerd shows do it better, Sheldon, and the overuse of Bazinga!



2:13:34 We address an article from 3chicgeeks.com talking about why there are no “geeky” girls in this show. Geeky girls have their own set of problems than geeky guys


2:26:39 popcultureblog.dallasnews.com had a great line in an article defending Big Bang Theory that stated:

“Sometimes actions of the gay characters on Modern Family are the punchline of a joke — but that doesn’t inherently mean that homosexuality itself is the joke. Just that these characters are worth laughing at sometimes.”


2:31:10 We introduce going through submission that I took on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and from the Two True Freaks facebook page

2:32:11 Kate from tumblr

2:39:29 Michael from facebook. Here’s the link that we reference for this response


2:43:06 Alexandra from facebook

2:44:07 Jason from Two True Freaks

2:48:00 Steven from Two True Freaks

2:55:57 Chris, one of our lovely founders of Two True Freaks Podcasting Group… sorry! We already covered your point but gave you a shout out anyway

2:56:18 Patricia, my lovely cosplaying friend

3:01:57 From Captain Riterra Smith from the fanforum

3:04:20 From Marina and Brit

The conclusion we came to which made this one of my favorite podcasts to record was everyone is a nerd or a geek in some way. People love comics, sports, religion, music, movies, hobbies, cars, something with just as much passion as the next person. That makes them a geek in their own way.

You can find more about Big Bang Buzz Podcast at theirwebsite,twitter, onitunes, and onstitcher. You can also contact them via email at


You can also followRoxanne andNicole on their personal twitter accounts

Feedback for this show can be sent to: hope@twotruefreaks.com

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