HOAT: Once Upon A Sexy Time

Hope Mullinax March 11, 2015 3

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WARNING: This podcast is NSFW

In this episode of Hope of All Trades, my guest Maegan and I discuss sex in the hit ABC series Once Upon A Time.

We have a lot of fun discussing our top sexiest people in Storybrooke. Then we talk about the ships and what kind of sex those characters have. From Captain Swan to Swan Queen to Sleeping Warrior, we cover them all! Also, we play some exciting rounds of “Make love, F***, Marry” with the characters!

To go along in the fun, we also go into deep topics such as:

-Gender roles between men and women in Once. Are they truly equal?

-Which threesome would make the best polyamorous group?

-Who in town would make a great and balanced gay character?

All this and more in this episode!

Thanks to Tim for the input and comment too!

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