HOAT: Six Degrees of Rumpel

MadminW July 18, 2013

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Hope’s second episode in a series of Once Upon A Time specials continues with special guest Bri and Alex from Other Side of the Mirror podcast! This is not an episode to listen to at work or with the kids in the car. For a bunch of classy ladies, we swear like sailors and get really dirty.

First we talk about news with Comic Con, actor announcements and what this could mean for the show, and the dates for season three and ONCE:Wonderland.

Later, we chat a bit about:

The Enemies


How it was a rough season for Rumpel and Regina

The ups and downs of Captain Hook

The story of how Bri and Alex met Lana Parrilla

Whether or not the Blue Fairy is evil

Inconsistencies in the show

Who is the Home Office?

Comparing Regina to Cora

What’s going on with Peter Pan and Neverland?

ONCE compared to Disney and the original stories

We wouldn’t have Neverland if not for Jefferson and Victor. Why aren’t they in the show more? (Hope’s opinion)

Is ONCE following the same path as LOST?

The bitching hour begins as we discuss things that makes us angry about the show:

Archie’s “death”

Selfless Brave and True

How August’s character was handled

Greg and Tamara

Sherriff David

Lack of our Hatter

Dropping storylines with characters like Victor


Neal should have died (Alex’s opinion)

How to fix the RumBelle pairing

The Charmings not presented as a realistic couple

Losing Ruby

The main cast vs. minor cast

Finally, we enter not safe for work land. We play the game cuddle, canoodle (insert stronger verb here), marry with the male and female characters. We also discuss which characters we think are the kinkiest in bed. Warning, there’s strong language in this section.

Thank you to The Enemies for letting me use your new single Smile. You can buy the Smile here. All the proceeds go to Down Syndrome Ireland. Keep an eye out for their new album ‘Sounds Big on the Radio’ coming soon! Thanks again Ronan and Johnny! Check out their website or follow them on twitter!

You can visit Other Side of the Mirror podcast’s website, follow them on twitter, and like them on facebook!
Find out more information about Enchantacon at their website and watch for updates on twitter and facebook!

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