HOAT: Tea with Anthony Once Special

Hope Mullinax November 13, 2013

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I will be speaking on a panel at Enchanta Con November 22nd, 2013 in Orlando, Florida!

In this episode of Hope of All Trades, I am joined by Anthony who is the creator of some of the Once Upon A Time teas on Adagio. As we work through each blend, we chat about the characters, past seasons, the current season, and everything in between. This is a long one folks, but by far my best Once podcast to date. I do have to apologize for some technical difficulties. The points we talk about in order are:

Cora tea

Greg and Tamara and the Home Office in post-Cora story lines

Gerhardt tea

Whale is Oz

History of Frankenstein and Victor’s commission

Belle tea

How effective Belle’s been this season

People actually care about Pongo’s back story?

Graham tea

Emma tea

What we think of Snow being pregnant

What’s going on with Emma this season?

Captain Swan vs. Swan Fire

If Neal is Emma’s true love, then what the hell did you have Graham for?

Shadow of the Queen spoiler

Where is Lancelot now that Sinqua Walls is off of Teen Wolf?

Snow tea

Why do we keep going back to the same Regina and Snow story?

Season two suffered when they took away the ensemble aspect from season one

Charming tea

Hook tea

Comparing Killian between season two to season three

Hook with his disability, and Colin’s acting

Killian’s last name is “Jones.” Will we see Davey Jones?

Regina ripping out the Lost Boy’s heart, and Snow and Emma’s reactions

Dark Charming needs to be a thing

Is Henry playing Pan?

Regina tea

We miss Maleficent!

Was there fallout with the fairies with Maleficent being a fallen fairy, Tink in Neverland, and Silvermist in Wonderland?

Is the Blue Fairy evil, or does she know that magic is dying?

Good Morning Storybrooke: Do we take this as canon?

Rumpel tea

Rumpel in season three

Was hallucination Belle a way to keep Emilie on the show and not lose her like Meghan Ory?

The color of magic smoke and how it relates to the characters

Can anyone from the Enchanted Forest learn magic?

What if there was a time where everyone learned magic, and that’s why there’s a shortage?

What is the creation story of all the worlds in Once Upon A Time?

Side tangent: if there was a Once Upon A Time world in Kingdom Hearts

Neal tea

Neal comes off as a bit of a Mary Sue in season three

What are the genetics of magic?

The reason why there won’t be angel and demon mythology in Once

Henry is apparently the greatest child ever made

Regina is the best parent out of the bunch

Tinker Bell and Peter Pan teas

Davey Jones ship (David and Killian)

We miss August!

The typewriter incident

Henry’s adoption and the book

Peter Pan reception by us and other people

Once Upon A Time vs. the comics Fables

Tinker Bell’s character

Is Pan related to Rumpel?

Henry tea

Henry seems to be changing into a more realistic kid his age

Henry should date Grace, because it would affect the adults

A dark Snow or dark Emma story could be interesting

Blue Fairy tea

Blue and Tink need to meet in Storybrooke

Jiminy Cricket tea

People forget Jiminy worked for Rumpel

I have a tangent about being a Sebastian Stan fangirl

Ensemble episodes vs. main character centric episodes (again)

The first set of season three photos were terrible

Mulan tea

Aurora tea

Where is the Aurora and Maleficent story?

If Robin’s kid was taken by Pan’s shadow, it would have set up great story lines

What is the geography and social structure of the Enchanted Forest?

Is Phillip still a wraith?

The dream world could be connected to Neverland through Peter’s shadow

Ruby tea

Child of the Moon was a weak point

Character driven episodes vs. plot driven episodes

Pan is a master of games

Ruby vs. Remus Lupin from Harry Potter

Villains were episodic in season two

The brickwork for Greg was awesome, but didn’t pan out (Get it? Pan! Ha! I’m hilarious!)

Jefferson tea

The story of when I met Keegan Connor Tracy and Raphael Sbarge

Hope’s POV: Whale and Jefferson are the two biggest game changers in Once Upon A Time that are never used. We wouldn’t have Neverland in season three without them

Victor could have been used in the Greg and Tamara story

The world rules of the Enchanted Forest don’t apply to Jefferson and Whale

They must like Sebastian Stan, because they recasted Robin Hood but not Jefferson

What would happen if half of Storybrooke returned to the Enchanted Forest and the other half stayed behind?

We like when these fairytale characters have real life problems

When will there be more characters like Jefferson struggling with both of their selves in their minds?

Pimping out some of my stories

Victor tea

Announcing the newest tea… The Creators!

You can find Anthony on twitter and tumblr

Make sure you check out other great Once Upon A Time podcasts like Other Side of the Mirror, Greetings from Storybrooke, Operation Cobra, and Once Podcast

Ending song: Jefferson’s theme season two

You can see more of my theories at my Once blog

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