I’ve Got A Few Things To Say About SUPERMAN – Episode 12

Scott H. Gardner May 10, 2015 8

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At Long Last — Snark McGill Returns!!

…because SOMEBODY has to do the job DC won’t!


Yes, Snark is back and this time he’s taking you along on a journey to discover “The Origins of the Phantom Zone”!

In this episode, he first looks at the precedent-setting Superman v1 #65 — “The Three Supermen From Krypton” — in which Superman meets (and tussles with) fellow Kryptonians for the VERY FIRST TIME!

And then, speaking of “very first times”, it’s on to the Main Event — Adventure Comics #283 in which young Clark finds himself accidentally projected into a mysterious netherworld where he becomes “The Phantom Superboy!” Yes, folks, it’s the FIRST APPEARANCE of the Phantom Zone!

Find out how it all began in this FUN relaunch episode!

NEXT TIME — Superboy #89 and Adventure Comics #288

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