I’ve Got A Few Things To Say About SUPERMAN – Episode 14

Scott H. Gardner January 12, 2016 11

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Snark McGill RETURNS for yet another brand-spanking new installment of “I’ve Got A Few Things To Say About SUPERMAN!”


Continuing our look into the origins of THE PHANTOM ZONE!

This time, we’re looking at TWO classic tales of the Man of Steel from when he was a lad.

First up, in Adventure Comics #288, Superboy finds himself trapped, alone, in the Phantom Zone AGAIN thanks to teen delinquent Dev-Em in “The Knave From Krypton”!!


We meet our next future Phantom Zone Power-Player in the subsequent issue – Adventure Comics #289! God help our eyes when Pa Kent gains super-powers and immediately decides the thing we all must see is his middle-aged spread squeezed into his teen-aged son’s tights. Yeah, it ain’t pretty. You’ve been warned.

Fun for ALL-AGES! (Promise!)

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