I’ve Got A Few Things To Say About SUPERMAN – Episode 15

Scott H. Gardner January 26, 2017 7

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Snark McGill RETURNS for a brand-spanking new installment of “I’ve Got A Few Things To Say About SUPERMAN!” and a continuing look into the origins of THE PHANTOM ZONE!


In this episode (recorded almost a year ago!), we take a look at two more tales that feature into the expanding mythos of THE PHANTOM ZONE!

We begin with a short, ‘lil 9-pager from Superman (volume 1, of course) #150 entitled “The One Minute of Doom” in which the whole Superman Family seems to have come down with a serious case o’ the blues all at the same time! What could be the cause of this mysterious moodswing?

And, then, the feature attraction for this time ’round, “The Babe of Steel” from Action Comics #284, presents NOT a tale of Superman as a tike, but instead some Super-fun (and not a little bit Super-whacky) hijinks of Superman PURPOSELY reducing himself to baby-size! For what possible reason would the Man of Tomorrow put himself through diapers again? Listen in to discover why and hear Snark immediately give an easier alternative solution!

It’s All Good Clean Fun for ALL-AGES! (Promise!)

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