Just One of the Guys Episode #0

MadminW March 8, 2013

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Hello, dear listeners, and welcome to the zeroth (It’s a word now…I just made it up!) episode of Just One of the Guys. How did we get from episode 55 to episode 0, you ask? Simple…editorial mandates and company wide crossovers, just like it happens in current comics. In fact, Green Lantern #0 is essentially a direct tie-in to the final issue of Zero Hour, where Kyle Rayner meets up with Hal Jordan and the two talk about their personal issues amongst beating the stuffing out of each other and blowing up a planet.

Guy Gardner #0 is more of a new origin story, though. It has Guy getting his new tattoos and morphing abilites, learning he’s a hybrid child of a dead alien race, and punching a pony-tailed lizard guy in the side of the face. Seriously, I think he touched the guy’s brain with that punch. And to celebrate these zero issues is none other than one of the greatest podcasters on the internet, Mr. Thomas Deja, co-host of Better in the Dark, a podcast he does with the incomparable Derrick Ferguson. It’s the beginning of tomorrow, that happened yesterday, and your listening to it today…maybe. Anyhow, you need to grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start listening!

Again, special thanks to Thomas Deja for guest hosting on the show. Tom is a huge Guy Gardner fan, and a great podcaster who always elevates the show to levels it could never achieve on its own.

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