Just One Of The Guys Episode #100

MadminW February 7, 2014

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Yes folks, the day no one, including myself, thought would ever come has arrived. Episode 100 of Just One of the Guys is up and ready for your perusal, and hopefully you will find it to be as enjoyable as the comics we are covering…maybe even moreso. First off we cover issue 100 of Green Lantern, where Kyle meets up with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, gets in a fight with Lantern arch-villain Sinestro, and accidentally brings Hal into the post Parallax present. How will Jordan cope with the 90’s? Will Sinestro finally destroy the Guardians? And will Terry Austin over ink the book again? The answers might surprise you. Plus we finish up our coverage of the Green Lantern Corps Quarterly books with issue number 8. This time out Alan Scott faces off against a villain so nineties that Youngblood called and told him to tone that sh!t down, Lobo and Jack T Chance square off because, you know, THE NINETIES, and Probert snaps a misogynistic douchebag’s leg at the knee in a story penned by the “Manliest Man in Comicdom”, Beau Smith! And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve brought my very good friend Thomas Deja (Better in the Dark, Damn Your Eyes! Damn Your Ears!, and Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell) to help banter about all the Green Lantern goodness. So unless you want to find out what Dask Noir actually smells like, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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