Just One Of The Guys Episode #101

MadminW February 14, 2014

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Happy Valentine’s Day, dear listeners, and welcome back to this romantic episode of Just One of the Guys. Okay, maybe it’s not so romantic, but today we are covering two issues that I really love. First off, there’s Green Lantern #101, where the blast from the past Hal Jordan decides to take a trip to his home town of Coast City to meet up with some friends and family…ummmm, awkward! One would think seeing his home wiped from the face of the Earth would really mess our emerald hero up, but what actually happens is incredibly poignant and surprising. Plus the artwork by Jeff Johnson is gorgeous and completely sells the drama in the book. And as a special treat, the second book is an issue of Power of Shazam (number 41 to be precise) that features our two Lanterns coming to the aid of the Marvel family as they take on the horrible, yet incredibly cute Mr Mind in the final part of “The Monster Society of Evil” story, penned by none other than Jerry “The Extraordinary” Ordway. And the crappy version of the Teen Titans are there as well, for some reason. But don’t worry about being confused by jumping into the book in the last chapter, because J. David Weter (Dave’s Daredevil Podcast, Starman Observatory, and PADSmash, An Incredible Hulk Podcast) has come aboard to recap and synopsize the story. So if for some reason you haven’t got something special for the love of your life, give the gift of Just One of the Guys, the one thing that truly shows how much you love them*.

*Just One of the Guys does not officially endorse the idea of giving podcasts as Valentine’s Day gifts. Unless you don’t want to engage in the horizontal tango for a very, VERY long time…or if you have a very understanding partner.

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