Just One Of The Guys Episode #103

MadminW February 28, 2014

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Paul Spataro…This episode is dedicated to YOU!!!

Well, only because I feel really bad for not proclaiming his greatness in the arena of impersonations of Austrian body builders. But mainly this episode (which happens to be #103 of Just One of the Guys: A Green Lantern Podcast) I’m covering issue 103 of Green Lantern, wherein Hal gets automatic acceptence to the Justice League, Kyle throws a hissy fit, and Batman tells Kyle to stop acting like a child. And the relationship between Kyle and Jade moves up to the next level…Is this just a rebound after Donna has left? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Plus I also take a look at Green Lantern and Sentinel: Heart of Darkness Issue #2. Alan Scott’s son Obsidian is really peeved about the loss of his sister, Jade. So much that he’s willing to take on both his father and possible soon to be brother-in-law, for unknown reasons. But the reasons don’t stay unknown for long, as an ancient enemy from Alan’s past reveals that he is behind Obsidian’s attitude and Jade’s disappearance. And it ties in to stories we just covered in the Green Lantern Corps Quarterly, so I guess covering those books was a good thing…well, except for that Muppet Bug and Oprah Lantern story. All of this and more awaits your download, so grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening! I know that Paul “Pete Puma” Spataro would want you to!

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