Just One Of The Guys Episode #110

MadminW April 25, 2014

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Hello out there, denizens of the inter-webs, and thank you for downloading and listening to another awesome episode of Just One of the Guys, the greatest Green Lantern podcast that isn’t The LanternCast…or the Green Lantern Corps…or Green Lantern’s Light. This time out, we’re continuing our look at the Green Lantern comics that feature Jenny Lynn Hayden/Jade as Earth’s Green Lantern as we review Green Lantern #110, another Green Lantern/Green Arrow crossover. But with a twist! And the twist isn’t that Conner is having to deal with Jenny as Green Lantern…no, the twist it that Green Arrow really is kind of secondary to the story. In fact, except for some “deus ex archery” he really doesn’t play much of a role in the book, as this is essentially a wrap up story for the “Heart of Darkness” storyline. Not one of the best GL/GA team-ups from this era.

But all the bad is more than balanced out by the Chuck Dixon penned prestige format book “The New Corps”, wherin Kyle heads off into space in attempt to recruit…wait for it…a new Green Lantern Corps! And as usual, Dixon delivers an engaing story filled with action, whimsy, and incredibly fun characters. Plus the art by Scott Eaton is a nice change from the awkwardness of the Green Lantern issue. And as an added bonus, I was lucky enough to have Emily Middleton, host of Uncovering the Bronze Age and co-host of the Shortbox Showcase over at The Relatively Geeky Podcast Network, come on to help cover these issues. Seriously, I thought a Green Arrow/Green Lantern crossover would work with her show about the Bronze Age…how wrong I was. Regardless, you need to grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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