Just One of the Guys Episode #131

MadminW September 19, 2014 2

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It’s another xenomorph filled Friday here at Just One of the Guys as we continue our look at the four part crossover between the Alien franchise and the Green Lantern comic in Green Lantern versus Aliens #4. Having found his ring, as well as a giant, egg laying queen alien, Kyle Rayner has to make the ultimate decision of wiping out the xenomorphs or letting them live. Will Kyle have to become a killer? Will he save the rest of the former Lanterns? Will he make it to second base with Crowe (who still isn’t the character from Mystery Science Theater 3000…mostly). All will be revealed.

Plus we’re continuing on with our foray into Judd Winick’s opening salvo in the Green Lantern books with Green Lantern #131. Captured by the Borg…er, I mean The Manhunters, Kyle has to fight his way out of their techno-cultches (again, now a word, as I just added it to Urban Dictionary). Plus we get to witness the care and respect that Judd Winick takes with honoring the character of Guy Gardner as we see him elevate him to new literary heights…Nah, I’m pulling your chain, he turns him into misogynistic goon. Hooray for progress! But one thing I know you WILL be cheering for is my guest host today, Luke Jaconetti (Earth Destruction Directive) who rounds out out guests from The Vault of Startling Monster Horror Tales of Terror. So grab yourself a refreshing beverage and your mp3 player of choice, download the show, ans start to listening!

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