Just One of the Guys Episode #132

MadminW September 26, 2014

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Prepare yourself for a series of opening songs dealing with circles or rings or roundy things as this week Just One of the Guys starts its look at the fifth week event from 2000, Circle of Fire. Writer Brian K Vaughan had penned a story about a nigh invincible force called Oblivion (catchy…) that is planning on, what else, taking over the universe. Weird thing is…Oblivion is a comic book villain Green Lantern Kyle Rayner thought up when he was eight years old. And now Kyle has called a various group of Green Lanterns from across the time stream to help him defeat this threat. But who, or what are these Green Lanterns? And what do they have to do with Kyle? You’ll just have to listen over the next few weeks.

Of course we are also continuing our look at the Judd Winick run with Green Lantern #132 as Kyle faces down Fatality…again. But this time out, she’s got a yellow Qwardian power ring to try and take Kyle and John Stewart out. Plus there’s more development of Terry Berg and the introduction of a psych patinet by the name of Alex Nero. I Wonder if he’ll tie into this story which is titled “While Rome Burned”?

And we also finish up our look at the Green Lantern Annuals for this run with Green Lantern Annual #9. This was part of the Planet DC Annual event which tried to introduce a group of international superheroes, including Sala, the one we meet in this book. Unfortunately, it’s not the Sallah from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but an Egyptian Lara Croft wannabe who has to fight Pazuzu. Unfortunately it’s not the Pazuzu from The Exorcist. Basically this is like Bloodlines, except the heroes aren’t created by brain juice sucking aliens…so yeah. Anyhow, it’s a jam packed show, so go grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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