Just One of the Guys Episode #135

MadminW October 17, 2014

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The Circle remains unbroken here at Just One of the Guys: A Green Lantern Podcast as we continue our journey into the Judd Winick era of Green Lantern with issue 135 of Green Lantern, part four of the “While Rome Burned” story arc. You know the whole concept of writing for the trade? Well, it looks like we’re getting our first glimpse of it in these issues as Kyle Rayner and the rest of the JLA do their best to take down the menace of Alex Nero, the schizophrenic with a yellow Qwardian power ring. But it’s not quite Brian Michael Bendis level of decompressed storytelling, so it does have that going for it.

And we also continue our look at the Circle of Fire books, this time out covering Green Lantern and Firestorm. The repurposed Manhunter robot and the just Ronnie Raymond Firestorm search the galaxy (okay, really just one planet) for a device that will stop Oblivion. But instead they encounter a crazed fire god that’s wrecking up the place who I could have sworm was Effigy. But I was told that wasn’t so by my Irredeemable guest host, Shag (The Fire and Water Podcast and The Firestorm Fan Page), who schools me on all things Firestorm. So unless you want to be pelted with scrubbing bubbles, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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