Just One of the Guys Episode #136

MadminW October 24, 2014

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Not even Tucks Medicated Pads could stop the Circle of Fire on this week’s episode, as we are continuing our look at that series with Green Lantern/Power Girl #1. What happens when a Daxamite knight and an Atlantean (it’s complicated) Power Girl go on a quest to find the capitve JLA? Well, it certainly isn’t in any way anticlimactic, I’ll assure you that…nosiree! And Power Girl sports a uniform that foregoes the boob window yet still manages to make her look incredibly hawt.

Plus we also conclude the “While Rome Burned” storyline over in Green Lantern #136. Kyle has had enough of Alex Nero’s $#!T, so he goes on the offensive and takes the baddie down…with a VCR tape. It’s more impressive than it sounds, trust me. And speaking of impressive, I have not one, but TWO amazing podcast hosts joining me on the show today: Mr. Michael Bailey (Views From the Longbox and From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast) and Mr. Thomas Deja (Better in the Dark and Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell). Triple your podcasting pleasure for the same low price of free! You can’t beat that. So grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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