Just One of the Guys Episode #141

MadminW November 28, 2014

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Post Thanksgiving bloat getting you down? Do you need something to drown out the crowds during Black Friday shopping? Well, might I suggest the latest episode of Just One of the Guys, where we are continuing our look at the Judd Winick run on Green Lantern with Green Lantern #141, an issue that is setting up the upcoming Ion storyline. Plus it begins the kind of weird relationship between John Stewart and Fatality that will work its way into the current Green Lantern title. And we get an introduction of the very 90’s group of villains known as…Inferno! It’s like Rob Liefeld walked by the Green Lantern office and dropped off some concept art that Dale Eaglesham incorporated into the book.

But wierd 90’s characters are nowhere to be seen in our second book, which is Green Lantern: Dragon Lord #2 which continues our look at the “Elseworlds” story of a Chinese monk turned Green Lantern and his quest to rescue the concubine Jade Moon from the evil Emperor Multiple Chin. Yes, in this issue, everbody truly was kung-fu fighting, as plot development was foregone for cool action scenes. But still a decent read. So if you want to hear about the sluttiest prison jumpsuit ever, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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