Just One of the Guys Episode #143

MadminW December 19, 2014

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“Comedy is when you fall down an open sewer and die…Tragedy is when I cut my finger” Or possibly tragedy is when you try do make a character as lame as Grayven do comedy on the latest episode of Just One the Guys. Today on the show, we take a look as Green Lantern #143, a part of the Joker’s Last Laugh crossover, where the clown prince of crime was given a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer and decided to end his life with a bang by “Jokerizing” all the inmates at “The Slab” and releasing them into the world. This included Grayven, who now fancies himself a stand-up comedian. Not surprisingly, he’s as bad at that as he being a villain, as Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is able to take him out pretty easily. Probably because some kind of major change has happened with Kyle…something wonderful.

And following that up, we’re also covering the prestige format book, Green Lantern: Fear Itself. This one chronicles a mysterious alien being that threatens the world throughout the Golden, Silver and Modern ages, causing the three generations of Green Lanterns to have to overcome great fear to defeat it. It’s a neat story written by Ron Marz and painted by Brad Parker, and I’m glad I get to cover it as it is a nice palate cleanser after having to deal with Grayven once again. So unless you want to hear more of the bastard son of Darkseid’s comedy, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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