Just One of the Guys Episode #145

MadminW January 2, 2015 1

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Still hung over from the New Years Eve celebrations? Well first, it’s been two days, so you need to seek help, but second, perhaps a brand new episode of Just One of the Guys is a way to cure that nauseated feeling. Well, unless you are unnerved by surfer dude Kyle or Kyle and Alex Nero beating the stuffing out of each other in their undies…both of which really didn’t need to be in the book. But despite that awkwardness, issue 145 of Green Lantern delivers the final battle between Kyle and Nero and begin a brand new path for Green Lantern…as we enter the era of Kyle being a near omnipotent being named ION! And once again, I’m joined by my good friend Thomas Deja (Better in the Dark and Damn Your Eyes! Damn Your Ears!) to chat about all the changes. So grab your board shorts and get ready to catch a wave on this latest episode of Just One of the Guys: A Green Lantern Podcast.

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