Just One of the Guys Episode #152

MadminW February 20, 2015

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In a completely coincidental way, today’s episode of JUST ONE OF THE GUYS: A GREEN LANTERN PODCAST has a connection to Tales of the Justice Society of America. What kind of connection, you may ask? Why, the resolution of last issue’s ending of Jenny curled up in the fetal position murmuring about someone going to kill her being a confrontation with a former Infinity, Inc. teammate being the threat of the issue. And sadly, it’s not Norda, so don’t listen expecting a tale of Kyle just brutally pounding the character within an inch of his life for being so lame. However, if that was the case, I’m certain that would be a tease enough to get Scott Garnder to listen to a show. Plus we catch up on some letters to the show and check out the ads. So what are you waiting for? Download the show and get to listening!

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