Just One of the Guys Episode #153

MadminW February 27, 2015 1

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Green Lantern does Grosse Point Blank on the latest episode of JUST ONE OF THE GUYS: A GREEN LANTERN PODCAST Kyle faces his toughest challenge yet…his high school reunion! Yes, running into all of those “friends” you completely forgot existed, the peaked in high school jocks who STILL want to belittle you, and the angry girlfriends who berate you for not noticing them enough are all on display here, as well as a nice meeting between Jenny and Kyle’s very MILF-like mom, Maura. Plus we get a shock ending that leads into a couple of heavy issues following this up.

And for our second book, I’m taking a look at GREEN LANTERN: EVIL’S MIGHT #1, an Elseworlds story that puts Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, and Alan Scott against the backdrop of the Boss Tweed era of New York City politics. It’s Green Lantern does Gangs of New York…who says comic books can’t be cinematic? So unless you want to be tastin’ the back of my shillelagh, you best be fetchin’ your mp3 player o’choice, downloadin’ the show, and startin’ ta listening (Okay, crappy accent mode off).

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