Just One of the Guys Episode #155

Hope Mullinax March 13, 2015

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In a wonderful confluence of events, Hope Mullinax (host of Hope of All Trades and Geeky Girl Experience) joins me today on the latest episode of JUST ONE OF THE GUYS: A GREEN LANTERN PODCAST to wrap up the coverage of the two part “Hate Crimes” story. Terry is still in the hospital in an induced coma due to his assault by a gang of homophobic thugs, and Kyle is searching for any way to right this wrong, including traveling back in time. But heroic collegues such as The Flash, Batman, and The Spectre help Kyle realize how to cope with this tragedy and how not to fall prey to blind vengeance.

However, in an unfortuante confluence of events, Hope isn’t around for the second book, GREEN LANTERN: EVIL’S MIGHT #3, which wraps up the Elseworlds tale of Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Alan Scott set against the backdrop of the Boss Tweed/Tammany Hall era of coruption in New York City. You see, I never expected Hope would be such a big fan of the Boss Tweed story, so I didn’t make her stick around for it. Mea culpa. But I hope that you wonderful listeners will stick around to find out just what happens to our Irish heroes, both superheroic and commoner. So go ahead and grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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