Just One of the Guys Episode #17

MadminW June 1, 2012

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Greetings Programs, and welcome back to another episode of Just One of the Guys. This week, we’ll be finishing up the four part story, Mosaic, from the 1990’s Green Lantern title. This story is a great segue into John Stewart’s solo Green Lantern title and truly defines the character for that point in time. Forewarned, this is a heavy issue that deals with rednecks in F-150s with dynamite, mentions of racist utopian communities, Hal getting cock-blocked by John, and the murder of a parent…RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS CHILD!!! (It’s pretty dark…) But the mood is lightened by some awesome ads, including archeologist Jimmy Conners and his discovery that Ancient Aliens were secretly getting the dinosaurs hopped up on chocolate. It’s a plausible enough reason for their extinction. So grab your mp3 player of choice, download the episode, and start to listening!

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