Just One of the Guys Episode #175

MadminW July 31, 2015 10

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After many weeks of enduring some of the worst stories in this run of Green Lantern, we finally reach the end of the Ben Raab era with issue #175, a double sized anniversary issue. With Kyle found out as Strawberry Shadowhawk, he has to finally face down Amon Sur, leader of the Black Circle, as well as find a way to destroy the Qwardian Quantum Singularity Generator that is threatening to destroy Oa and bring the Qwardians into the matter universe, Also, there’s some amount of resolution between Terry Berg and his parents over his decision to leave for his job in L.A. But this doesn’t mean that this issue is free of wonkiness. In fact, I have to wonder how the issue’s WTF ending was supposed to lead into the next book. Oh well, at least it’s all over, and next time out Ron Marz comes back! HOORAY!!! So unless you want to be assassinated by a Amazonian Space Stripper, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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