Just One of the Guys Episode #178

MadminW August 21, 2015 5

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Things start ramping up here on Just One of the Guys as we edge closer and closer to the end of Volume Three of Green Lantern. In issue 178, we get Kyle having to face down one of his greatest adversaries…no, not Grayven…or Purgatory…DEFINITELY not Ohm, but Fatality, the last survivor of the doomed planet Xanshi and fabled killer of Green Lanterns, FATALITY! And armed with some psychotropic darts that totally mess with Kyle’s perception, it looks like the murderous maiden might actually accomplish her mission of taking Kyle out (although you can probably imagine that doesn’t happen as it would be awkward to have three issues of Fatality gloating over Kyle’s death). Plus we have a surprise reveal of who the Big Bad behind all of Kyle’s recent woes is…and susprisingly enough, it’s not Ben Raab (I could have sworn that’s who it would have been). So unless you want a Navy F-16 tossed at your head, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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