Just One of the Guys Episode #20

MadminW June 22, 2012 1

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Hey there, bros and welcome to a totally manly episode of Just One of the Guys. After last week’s excursion into the world of the “New Alan Scott”, this week we are treated to testosterone-heavy book. In the issue we get Guy beating the stuffing out of Despero, Lanterns sitting around talking about sex, Kevin Costner references (who in the 1990’s was more manly, I ask you?), and the introduction of Boodikka, the most manly of all the recent GL recruits (too bad she’s a ‘roided up female bodybuilder). All of that, and a totally manly protagonist called Flicker, a guy with Firestorm’s head, an Elizabethan costume with ruffled collar, and…high heeled boots. Okay, well maybe not so manly. Regardless, the book is a fun one, so grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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