Just One of the Guys Episode #24

MadminW July 20, 2012

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Hey Lantern Lovers, and welcome back to another episode of Just One of the Guys, a Green Lantern podcast. This week, well…it’s kind of a meh issue, at least for me, as we take a look at Green Lantern #24, the last part of the storyline dealing with Hal’s insatiable desire to make the beast with two backs with Carol Ferris. But before he can, he has to remove the Star Sapphire personality, keep John from killing her, and take care of the baddest villain he has ever faced…FLICKER!!! Nah, I’m kidding, he takes the flame-headed fop down with one punch. Plus we finally get Guy back in the isssue, and he brought Krispy Kremes! But just enough for himself, he’s like that. So grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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