Just One of the Guys Episode #29

MadminW August 31, 2012 1

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Hello dear listeners, and welcome to another fully articulated episode of Just One of the Guys. This time around we are going to be covering a one shot issue where our intrepid hero takes on the villainous Ann Coulter!!! Well, it’s actually Olivia Reynolds, but take a look at that cover. If that isn’t Ann Coulter on it, I don’t know who it is. Plus we get more of Hal being totally clueless about Carol Ferris’s affections, seedy hotels with amazing video-phone technology, and stereotypes of Green Lantern toy fans being fat, balding undershirt wearing slobs. I can totally refute that fact, as I am definitely not balding…Plus, a call-back to the glory days of Green Lantern/Green Arrow that will make you want to kick a puppy. So grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

Just One of the Guys does in NO way endorse any act of violence against puppies…even the ones who chew up the drywall in their bedding area.

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