Just One of the Guys Episode #36

MadminW October 19, 2012

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Ho, ho, ho!!! Merry Christmas everyone! This is your good friend Santa Shawn wishing you tidings of comfort and joy in this blessed holiday season! Wait, what…It’s only October? Well then, why am I reviewing a Christmas themed Green Lantern comic this week on Just One of the Guys? Great, that means I rented this Santa suit for nothing! Oh well, at least the issue has all the trappings of Christmas, including awkward family moments, bickering grandparents, obnoxiously enthusiatic children, and Dr Light…before he became a creepy murderer and rapist. Happy Holidays!

And over in the Guy Gardner issue, we get Guy heading out to Vegas on his quest to find Goldface. Along the way, he has a misunderstanding with the Philly Ranch owner, busts up a legal Vegas brothel, shaves a warning in a Wayne Newton analogue’s hair, and meets up with Sally, the…”working girl” from the Guy Gardner: Reborn storyline. Probably one of Staton’s best drawn female characters in the book, and a great companion for Guy. So unless you want a ring construct clipper message shaved into your head, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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