Just One of the Guys Episode #38

MadminW November 1, 2012

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Welcome back, dear listeners to some Strange Tales dealing with Green Lantern in this week’s episode of Just One of the Guys. Thankfully, there’s no Human Torch story here; I leave that pain up to Steven and Andrew. But the Strange we get here is none other than Adam Strange, the Buck Rogers of the DC Universe, who is chasing down a whacked out Green Lantern who in turn is being mind controled by Ann Coulter!!! Well, not really, it’s Olivia Reynolds, but it’s fun to think that Ann Coulter could control people’s minds. We also get child endangerment, a return to Qward, and a t-shirt slogan meant to show how big a jerk Joe Eszterhaus is.

Over with Guy Gardner, we wrap up the hunt for Goldface as we get to see how clever Guy is, how stupid Piston is, and how smug Hal is. I mean really, Hal’s douche-o-meter was running at eleven at points during this book. Plus Guy channels Rick James in a cunning ruse to trick the villains into thinking he was willing to off Sally. No way Guy would do that, as she’s the hottest gal in Guy’s life. So, with the whole choking of women vibe, I guess there’s a little strange in Guy’s book as well. So put down your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey (Seriously? I mean it’s repurposed Twilight fan fiction!), grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

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