Just One of the Guys Episode #39

MadminW November 9, 2012

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Hello again, fair listeners and thanks for downloading another Ann Coulter filled episode of Just One of the Guys. Thankfully, this version of Ann Coulter isn’t complaining about the recent presidential election, she’s trying to kill Hal Jordan. And it’s not really Ann Coulter, but this week’s Green Lantern love interest, Olivia Reynolds. Add to this issue a bunch of Silver Age mumbo jumbo about U-Minds, talking babies, and odd X-Men crucifixion associations, and you’ve got yourself a really heady issue.

On the Guy Gardner front, we get almost the complete opposite as Guy has to deal with the most 90’s of DC’s line-up of characters, Lobo! Yeah, there’s been almost a dozen issues so far with no Lobo occurence, so he was bound to show up sometime. Plus we get a hint of the new field of business that Guy’s moll Sally wants to get into (Escort detective agency??? Hookers who solve crimes??? I’d use that service), reasons behind Guy’s self doubt, and more Bucky Sharp press agent awesomeness…if by awesomeness you mean not in any way at all. So unless you want an alien Hell’s Angel in KISS makeup knocking on your door, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the episode, and start to listening!

Also, be sure to go check out the incredible Death and John Constantine AIDS PSA. Special thanks to Luke Jaconetti for the link.

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