Just One of the Guys Episode #41

MadminW November 23, 2012

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Welcome, dear listeners, to a turkey fueled episode of Just One of the Guys. Turkey fueled not only because it is being released after Thanksgiving her in the U.S. (sorry listeners in every other country in the world, I promise I’ll do a special Boxing Day episode later this year), but also because the books themselves are varying levels of turkeys. The Green Lantern book suffers from having the antagonist being the gender bending villain, The Predator…and not the one that Arnold, Danny Glover, and Adrien Brody fought, but the silver mask and big shoulderpad wearing one that was revealed to be Carol Ferris’ “masculine side”…Eugh.

The Guy Gardner book suffers from having the protagonist being the gender bending hero Boodikka, who brings her Tim Curry in drag vibe to the book and has a really awkward metaphor for coupling with Guy, which ends up with things exploding and neither being satisfied. Hey, they all can’t be A Guy and His G’nort. So shake off that turkey and stuffing haze, grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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