Just One of the Guys Episode #49

MadminW January 17, 2013 3

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Welcome back, faithful listeners, to the 49th episode of Just One of the Guys, an award winning Green Lantern podcast. And today we come to the penultimate issue of the Emerald Twilight storyline in Green Lantern, and boy, is Hal not taking the loss of Coast City well. He’s collecting rings faster than would at a Vegas wedding chappell. But the Guardians have a nuclear option to stop him, and the option just might surprise you…if this was the first Green Lantern book you’ve picked up.

Over in Guy Gardner we get…*snicker*…another…costume change. Yep, with his ring on the fritz for who knows what reason, Guy is forced to employ the help of Ted Kord and his…understated exo-suit armor…to carry on his tenure as *snicker* Warrior! Okay, it’s goofy and 90’s and over the top, but good Lord if it isn’t fun as all get out. So unless you want a bunch of weird cannisters sticking out of your back, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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