Just One of the Guys Episode #5

MadminW February 10, 2012

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Welcome back to another episode of Just One of the Guys, A Green Lantern podcast. This week We’re taking a look at Green Lantern number 5, which is Hal’s first trip back to Oa since the Guardians left this plane of existence to get their blue skinned freak on with the Zamarons. Along the way, we’ll have rednecks threatening aliens with pitchforks and Barnes and Barnes songs, more shirtless Hal (Ladies…), and a lava/rock monster that, for all intents and purposes, shoots flaming poop. Take my word for it, I’m a scientist. And Guy actually stops ogling big breasted women on Wheel of Fortune to go save the day. This is why he is “teh awesum” (Is that how kids today say it? I have no idea). So fire up your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening.

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