Just One of the Guys Episode #53

MadminW February 15, 2013

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Hello faithful listeners, and welcome to another super episode of Just One of the Guys. And it’s super in more ways than one this time, as the newest Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is joined by a person so super it’s pretty much his whole name. Yes, the Man of Steel himself drops by the issue just to make a cameo and give the sales a bit of a bump…oh, and keep Kyle from becoming a red puddle of goo in the Californian sand.

The episode is also super because of the new direction Guy Gardner is going to take. After his injuries sustained by fighting Hal, Guy was put into another coma (he should get some kind of medical discount for the number of times he’s been in a coma) and awoke to find the world has gone straight to Hell. So what’s a former GL to do? Why become an Indiana Jones analogue, fly to South America, find a comic book version of a Hal Needham movie, and get ready to punch some Nazi dionsaurs! Yes, it is as over the top as it sounds. So unless you want to see more of Buck Wargo’s hairy manliness, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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