Just One of the Guys Episode #54

MadminW February 22, 2013

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Hello wonderful listeners, and welcome to very estrogen filled episode of Just One of the Guys. Estrogen filled, you say? Why yes, I reply, and not because of my fondness for the movie Steel Magnolias*. No, it’s because we are dealing with issue #54 of Green Lantern, the infamous “Women in Refrigerators” issue that Gail Simone used to show how horribly female characters are treated in comics. And this was before Starfire and Harley Quinn were turned into sleazy sex objects.

And speaking of sex objects, we get a glorious dose of that over in the issue of Guy Gardner: Warrior, but for some reason, it doesn’t come of as sleazy. Not like that Arisia costume from a few issues back. Plus we get more action than both the Stallone Expendables movies in 22 pages of Beau Smith goodness. And to wrap up this bundle of fun, I have an extra special guest and first time podcaster, Mrs. Sally Pascale of Green Lantern Butts FOREVER! She lends her unique opinions on both the death of Kyle’s girlfriend and the actual physicality of the women in the Guy Gardner book. Plus, she’s a big fan of Guy, so that makes her the most wonderful woman on the internet in my opinion. So unless you want to be sharing some time beside the leftovers, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

Finally, an extra special thanks to Sally for coming on the show. Despite the website’s title, Sally’s blog is more than just about Green Lantern butts. She is one of the best spoken bloggers out there, and her reviews of the Green Lantern books have a level of wit and knowledge that surpass many bloggers on the internet. Please go check out her site. You’ll come for the Green Lantern Butts, but you’ll stay for the amazingly fun posts!

*I’m not that big a fan of Steel Magnolias, it’s just a better pick than Fried Green Tomatoes.

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