Just One of the Guys Episode #59

MadminW April 5, 2013 3

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Happy holidays dear listener, and welcome back to another episode of Just One of the Guys. And even though the most recent holiday was April Fools Day (Tee-hee!), in the Green Lantern book, it’s all about Christmas. Which for Kyle means monitor duty at Titans HQ, possible internal damage due to Impulse super speed tackling him, and dealing with the classic Green Lantern villain, Dr Polaris in the snazzy 90’s version of his overly purple costume. But he does get to stand under the mistletoe with Donna Troy, so that’s definitely a great present.

Over in the Guy Gardner book, we get to unwrap the present that Major Force left in Guy’s fridge…and it’s not what you think. Plus Guy pounds the living snot out of Major Force as the two battle their way around the Beltway of Washington D.C. It’s a giant fight sequence artfully done by craftsmen Beau Smith, Mitch Byrd, and Dan Davis, with a twist ending that will leave the internet on fire…if the internet was that prevelant during the time of publishing. So unless you want your Christmas ham served with an extra side of Vuldarian justice, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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