Just One of the Guys Episode #62

MadminW April 26, 2013

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Greetings True Believers, and thanks for downloading another episode of Just One of the Guys for your listening enjoyment…if you overlook the entire fact that I am doing all the talking. This week’s fun comes in two awesome installments of our weekly look at Green Lantern and Guy Gardner first with Green Lantern number 62, where Kyle realizes that he might just rely on the ring a bit too much, as he gets his butt handed to himself by Donna Troy and some weird Goro from Mortal Kombat/T-800 from The Terminator mash up. At least getting beat up by Donna has the possibility of it leading to a little make-up snuggling, so that’s a bonus. Plus, there’s a super secret cameo at the end of the book that you would never expect in a million years (unless you’re a member of H.E.A.T., then you’ve been demanding it).

Over in the Guy Gardner book, we get the epic showdown in the Mighty Marvel tradition (hence the Fantastic Four inspired cover) between Guy and his uber-creepy brethren, Dementor. Normally, Guy might be SWEATING BULLETS about this meeting, but with the help of Alan Scott, Supergirl, Tiger Man, and Hooker Jem…wait no, Arisia, Guy ends the SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION and sends the Dave Mustaine wannabe away for good, proving Peace Sells, but Nobody’s Buying. Okay that last song reference didn’t work. So unless you want to get jabbed by Supergirl’s implausibly spiky bicep gaunlets, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening.

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