Just One of the Guys Episode #63

MadminW May 3, 2013

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Welcome dear listeners to week one of what I am calling “Co-Host-A-Pallooza”, my month long respite for people who are saying how much they love the show if it weren’t for the guy doing all the talking. During the month I’m going to bring on some great podcasters and great friends to talk about the books I’m covering that week, and this time out it’s a quartet of issues, starting with Green Lantern #63, where Kyle and Hal duke it out…wait, didn’t this happen a few months ago? Well, maybe the ranting and raving of the H.E.A.T. fans gave Ron Marz a reason to settle them down. We’ll also be taking a look at “The Way of the Warrior” storyline over in Guy Gardner, Justice League America, and Hawkman. Witness Guy mopping the floor with the then really lame version of the Justice League! Marvel at Wonder Woman’s non-Wonder Woman costume that she bought off the rack at Hot Topic! Gasp at the not so subtle homoerotic advances of Obsidan and Ice Maiden! Shriek at the awesome bad-assery of Hawkman! And shriek again at the complete mopey-ness of Obsidian…seriously, it really gets on my nerves!

All of this goodness is ampilfied by the addition of my very special guest host, Mr Luke Jaconetti, host of Earth Destruction Directive! over at the Two True Freaks podcast network, as well as the author of the blog, Being Carter Hall. We smash our way through this story , and find out just what the heck is up with the Hawk Dude in a synopsis of the character that makes more sense than anything about Donna Troy does. So unless you want to see more of Diana in her Downtown Julie Brown outfit (and trust me, you really don’t), I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show and start to listening!

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