Just One of the Guys Episode #65

MadminW May 17, 2013

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Hello dear listeners, and welcome to week three of “Co-Host-A-Palooza” here at Just One of the Guys, where my amazing co-host Luke Jaconetti and I are going to be covering the last part of “The Way of the Warrior” storyline in Guy Gardner Warrior and the second part of “The Siege of Zi Charam” storyline in Green Lantern. Parts 1, 3, 4, and 5 will have to be sought out on other podcasts, because it involves the All New Titans, and Thomas Deja has warned me off those issues. However, the Green Lantern book stands well on its own, with some great artwork by Ron Lim and a surprise cameo from the Herald of Galactus himself, Silver Surfer! Wait…that’s not Silver Surfer? But it’s Ron Marz and Ron Lim on the books, how could it not be? Whatever…
Over in Guy Gardner, it’s the ultra 90’s showdown between Guy and his ancient Tormock foes as Guy, Diana, Hawkman, and…Probert beat the living snot out of some very 90’s aliens. Plus, it wouldn’t be a 90’s comic without an appearance by…wait for it…Lobo! Ass-kickery abounds. Again, many thanks to Luke Jaconetti for sticking around to finish off this storyline. It was a blast hosting with him, and if you want to hear more of him, check out his giant monster podcast Earth Destruction Directive over at the brand spanking new Two True Freaks website. So, unless you want to take on an army of Space Fabios, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and start to listening!

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