Just One of the Guys Episode #66

MadminW May 24, 2013 4

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Hello dear listeners, and welcome to week four of “Co-Host-A-Palooza” here at Just One of the Guys, where today we’re going to be covering our requisite two books, starting with Green Lantern #66, a tale that brings a classic GL villain into the then current 1990’s. Sadly, that villain is Sonar, and his revision is oh so 90’s, replete with Spandex body suit, rockin’ sleeveless labcoat, and bitchin’ hair metal hair. Not much of a step up from his original outfit. But to help take down the sonic menace, Kyle is getting a little help from his soon to be JLA teammate, The Flash!

With Guy Gardner we get a tale of Guy wandering the galaxy, blasting teenage alien car-jackers, and rescuing some ex-GL’s, all the while sporting some truly awful hair metal hair. It seems to be a theme this episode. Yeah, this isn’t one of the best of the Guy Gardner run, but thankfully, it’s nowhere close to Issue 37 of Green Lantern <shudder>.

But being that the Flash shows up in the comic, I’ve wrangled awesome podcaster Dave Walker, host of Flash Legacies to bring his unique talent to the show and to let us know why Wally’s costume was so shiny. So, unless you want more discussion about how Paul Pelletier draws certain areas of male anatomy, I suggest you grab your mp3 player of choice, download the show, and get to listening!

Also, be certain to check out Charlie Niemeyer’s eBay auction to get some great Mark Waid Captain America comics, which proceeds go directly to the Red Cross to assist with relief efforts for the tornado that recently hit Moore Oklahoma.

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